Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shock the senses

I read an article in Java Magazine about JavaFX 2.0. The title was pretentious : Shock the senses. I downloaded the latest version along with JDK 7 and the examples as well. After some small programming trials and playing with examples I have to admit that it is hard to deny that it would be a compelling rival to Silverlight and Flash. Even the kingdom of Qt could be shattered by what JavaFX will offer in the near future. For now the latest version is solely available for Windows platforms. Nevertheless it will be an integrated part of the JDK 8 platform.

According to long-term roadmap for JavaFX the important dates are as follows:

  • First half of 2012 : JavaFX 2.1 (Mac OS X GA, Linux Development Preview)
  • Second half of 2012 : JavaFX 2.2 (Linux GA)
  • 2013 : JavaFX 3.0 (Included in JDK 8)

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